May 24th, 2021 – The Center for Latino – Jewish Relations Brings You This Weekly Bilingual Torah Commentary

May 24th, 2021 – The Center for Latino – Jewish Relations Brings You This Weekly Bilingual Torah Commentary

El Centro de Relaciones Latinas – Judías les Ofrece Este Comentario Semanal y Bilingüe

Se lo escrbe en Rosh Ha’Shanah….

Se lo determina en Iom Kippur….

Esta semana la versión en español está debajo de la inglesa

This week the Spanish version is underneath the English Version

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September 27th at sundown we begin the holiest Day of the Jewish Liturgical Year: Yom Kippur.  Rosh Ha’Shanah provides each of us an opportunity to take an inventory of our own lives and our relationships with others. Yom Kippur now allows us to turn to G-d, to realize that each of us is a mere mortal, and to seek G-d’s forgiveness for our failures and sins.

You will find below is a list of actions about which each of us needs to contemplate and consider.  I pray that your fast be meaningful and filled with a sense of spirituality and humility.

On Yom Kippur it is traditional to confess our errors, failures, and sins. During the day think about these failures. Try to be totally honest with yourself and respond to them in the privacy of your heart.  During this time of pandemic it is good to think about them, make the day as spiritual and meaningful as possible and prepare yourself for this New Year of 5781.

Ask yourself during this past year…..

Did I lied?

Did I distort facts or manipulate my words and those of other people?

Did I pass judgment without knowing the facts?

Did I deceive others and myself with half-truths?

Did I use other people’s failings to justify my own faults?

Did I do what I wanted to do without regard to others?

Did I use other people as mere instruments to satisfy my own needs?

Have I been selfish and/or self-serving?

Have I committed malicious gossip?

In any aspect of life have I been gluttonous?

Did I act in an arrogant or superior manner?

Do I demand one form of behavior for others and another form for myself?

Have I failed my family and friends?

How do I heal the hurts that I have committed?

What do I hope to do differently in this new year?

How have I lied to myself when I answered these questions?

During your fast, try to take the time to think about each of these questions and how G’d might judge your answers.


Let us pray that 5781 will be a better year than last year and that each of us shall be healthy.  May each of you be written in the Book of Life!

G’mar Chatimah Tovah!

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