Inaugural Seder Dinner

Inaugural Seder Dinner

The Center for Latino-Jewish Relations held their inaugural Seder dinner on April 5th, marking a joyous celebration of Sephardic Passover.

Past delegates, friends, and family came together to revel in the intersection of Latino and Jewish cultures, all in honor of the holiday. CLJR leader, Jacob Monty, hosted the event at his Houston home and Rabbi Peter Tarlow led us in purging the house of all chametz, a crucial step in Jewish tradition, which forbids the consumption or use of any grains like wheat, oats, rye, barley, or spelt during Passover.

The authentic Sephardic meal featured a diverse array of dishes, including “juevos haminados” and “Latino Gefilte fish”. Mariachis provided lively entertainment as we commemorated this sacred day with one another. We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who joined us in this celebration and we are already looking forward to our next CLJR event.

We kindly ask you to consider contribution to our organization’s cause, enabling us to advance our mission of promoting education and preserving Jewish synagogues in Israel through restoration and renovation efforts. Your support will help us provide aid where it is most needed.

Rabbi Tarlow with Jacob Monty

Rabbi Tarlow and Jacob Monty

Authentic Sephardic Food

“Latino Gefilte fish”

“Juevos Haminados” to learn more about these eggs history and see the recipe visit this link:



Historically the Passover sacrifice often featured a goat or lamb and although we try to honor most ancient Jewish traditions, we did not sacrifice this young goat, instead we celebrated with him.

CLJR Delegates, Family, and Friends. Click or tap a photo to enlarge.

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